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Bringing your engine back to life

one blade at a time.

With our GK5 Process, we re-contour leading edges

to meet the OEM design intent.


CFM International





General Electric





Pratt & Whitney





We've got your engine covered. 

Dedicated to the repair of compressor blades and vanes, our multiple facility operation combines state-of-the-art techniques for welding, machining, and profiling with advanced process and production systems. The result is precision repairs completed in industry leading turn times.


The revolutionary facilities of Pacific Aerodynamic utilize state-of-the-art equipment, technology and mechanization to repair over one million compressor airfoils annually while setting the trend in the industry for quality service and turn around time. Computerized manufacturing management systems and comprehensive IT tools are being utilized so we may ensure the hundreds of orders that are processed, prioritized and executed with the precision that has come to be associated with our reputation.


Pacific Aerodynamic is able to achieve this due to the dedicated and diversified workforce comprising of highly skilled technicians, engineers and management staff who are completely focused on delighting our customers. To constantly enhance our productivity and promote a culture of continuous improvement, Lean Six Sigma is a way of life.

Pacific Aerodynamic maintains a leadership position in turnkey compressor blade repairs. In particular, we specialize in computerized inspection and recontouring for compressor airfoils. 


Welded to


With Pacific Aerodynamic's innovative and Federal Aviation Administration approved weld process, which includes GK5 precision-measurement, short-chord blades are given a second life. Through a fine tuned process at the hands of experienced and highly trained welders, compressor blades are brought back to maximum chord and length dimensions as specified by the engine overhaul manual. The end result is an optimal chord and length restored blade that provides improved performance at a fraction of the cost for a new blade. This service is offered as a tip-only weld or a triple edge weld (aerodynamic boundary control).

GK5 Process

The engineers who pioneered the computerized compressor blade recontouring process call Pacific Aerodynamic home. The process which has revolutionized the industry compares 48 distinct measurements on an in-service blade to those of the ideal airfoil shape. Particular attention is paid to the leading edge radius and orientation because optimal entry and exit angles ensure maximum airflow efficiency. The GK5 lists the differences between the

in-service blade and the ideal airfoil shape for all 48 dimensions on a computer printout. Our expert inspectors refer to this summary to determine if and how a blade can be recontoured for optimum efficiency.

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