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Vacuum Heat-Treating Services


Heat-treating in the presence of air can cause oxidation problems that are virtually eliminated by performing the operation in a vacuum atmosphere. It gives the ability to precisely control heat-up and quench rates, minimizing heat-induced distortion. The results are clean, shiny parts which require comparatively little post-treatment finishing and cleaning. Vacuum processing preserves surface chemistry, preventing oxidation and decarburization

In addition, Vacuum Heat Treating allows you to change cooling rates easily, even within a single cycle, thereby enabling gas-quenching operations that can produce full hardness in steels. Pacific Aerodynamic is proud of its ability to serve customers ranging from "job shop" toolmakers to manufacturers with high volume production requirements. 


Our prices are the lowest in the industry with the best turn time. We have the equipment and resources required to process from single unit items to high volume quantities of stainless, high speed, super alloy tool steels and Titanium. Our customers include commercial airlines, manufacturers and machining service providers within the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, tool & die, computer and medical products industries.

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