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.Pacific Aerodynamic Incorporated, provides the finest repair technologies and services ranging from fan blades, cold section compressor airfoils, and ground based turbines.We pride ourselves on being a world leader and quality resource dedicated to the repair of Compressor Airfoils, delivering in industry-leading turn around time.


By combining state-of-the-art techniques for welding, machining and profiling with advanced processes and production systems, the result of our repair technology is precise, immaculate and on-time repairs completed quickly, affirmed with quality and airworthiness regulatory agency certifications.Among our repertoire of specific technologies is the GK5 Process, a patented and completely computerized leading edge profiling system. We also provide welding, chord restoration, CNC machining, and the application of anti-erosion and anti-corrosion protective coatings.

Pacific Aerodynamic was launched in 2007. Since then our commitment to our technology and customer satisfaction has brought growing success. To meet our customer's expectations, we have increased our presence in the United States and around the world. We are constantly acquiring new capabilities at our facilities to meet our customer's needs.


Pacific Aerodynamic Incorporated is dedicated to delivering the best repair services in the fastest turn-around time to our customers.

Our company's investment in our workers, repairs, technology and automation reflects our focus on providing not only fast service but quality and dependability. 


By combining the very best of technology, equipment and workman experience we seek to provide perfection. We want to ensure that the commitments we make to our customers are met, each and every day.With a hands-on team composed of sales and service personnel, we commit to and deliver exceptional client service and superior quality after-repair service. After all, we belive that it's not just the product which speak for themselves, it's us too.


Pacific Aerodynamic, Inc.'s main offices are located in Orange, California, U.S.A., proudly using American labor and resources to serve our global customer base.

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